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Is it possible to ignore all posts by a user?  Will-power works only so well ;)


On a related note - and I think I know where jfhaugh is coming from with this one - the unsubscribe doesn't seem to work too well.

I was participating in a thread, which I have lost interest in due to various factors. Normally I get both email notification and a notification under the "replies" box in the forum.

I have checked the forum feature to "automatically subscribe" to threads to which I make a post.

I unsubscribed from this particular thread, but I still get notifications both under "replies" and with little boxes that pop up. I checked my subscriptions and this particular thread is not in the list (I don't think - there are 90 pages of subscriptions).

I don't know how the forum is doing this, but have to guess that whenever someone replies to a thread, and that thread is one I once posted in, and I have checked that I want to subscribe to threads I post to, it notifies me. However I don't want to watch this thread any more. So I want the notifications to stop. Note that I have not made any new posts since unsubscribing to it.

@jfhaugh - you can edit your profile to not get personal messages from people, but this doesn't seem to affect posts by them, sadly.
Please post technical questions on the forum, not by personal message. Thanks!

More info: http://www.gammon.com.au/electronics



Yeah, I figured there was no way to put a user on "Ignore".

How about a "Real Programming Problems" forum for people who actually know how to program and how to design electrical circuits?

And thanks for the pointer to that logic analyzer on that other thread -- I'm going to have to buy me one.  I do a lot of Modbus programming and having something I could use to snoop an active Modbus at the wire level would be =very= handy.

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