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Hello, I`m planning to send an analog measure over a 3-4 meters wire. (is "Over"  well written?. Sorry for my English  :-[)  
Signal has a peak value of 2,5 volts and I wanted to avoid aditional components.
Has anybody done something like that? Have I use any kind of amplifier or signal will be not affected using that leghts?


hola quique

you should at least use an opamp to drive the line. the voltage follower configuration should be enough

if you want maximum precision then you need some form of 4 wire connection which compensates for the drop on the line

but , because of ohm's law if the wires are big enough and the current is almost 0 then you shouldn't see a big drop
in voltage

beware of the noise captured by the wires... imagine to use a twisted pair of a shielded cable



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I`ve tried using a stereo (two wires) 6 meters long cable with Max Sonar EZ1 and results were acceptable for my application (detecting people position). It worked also fine in neibourghood of a fluorescent tube lamp (well said?) which could produce interferences without needing amplification.

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