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Murata Wireless Solutions SyChip High-Power ZigBee® Module ( SN3020 ) is the industry's smallest--just 400mm²--fully integrated ZigBee® module with +20dBm output power and 1MB of serial flash memory for a wide range of applications. It offers the best-in-class ZigBee® RF performance with 124dB link budget for long range , and includes a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor for customer applications. The Murata SyChip High-Power ZigBee® Module Evaluation Kit includes two evaluation / development boards with SN3020 modules to interface to the host, two USB cables, an RF cable, and a CD with software and manuals. The SyChip ZigBee® modules are designed to be easily integrated into designs without the need for RF or embedded software expertise. Using a SyChip module allows designers to add the latest meshing radio technology without complex software engineering.
Module Features

    Complete ZigBee PRO compliant profiles
        Smart energy
        Home automation
    Low power operation
        Sleep - 1.2?A
        Transmit - 165mA@20dBm
        Receive - 31mA
    Customized application software
        Allows customers to use the ARM Cortex M3 processor for their own applications
        Minimizes design and development effort with custom API libraries
    Best-in-class radio receive sensitivity at -103dBm
    FCC certified

Module Specifications

    Dimensions: 27.20 x 14.75 x 2.90mm3
    Ember EM357 high-performance, integrated ZigBee / 802.15.4 chipset
    Supply voltage: 2.4V to 3.4V
    Data logging memory: 8Mb serial flash
    Security: 128-bit AES
    Antenna: on-module
    Host interface: SPI, UART
    Meter interface: I2C, GPIO
    ADC ports: 6 x 14-bit
    Integrated PA/LNA
    Integrated 2.4GHz chip antenna (optional external antenna)
    Maximum output power: +20dBm
    Operating temperature: -40º to +85ºC
    RoHS compliant
    MSL JEDEC level 3

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