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The subtraction method of calculating elapsed time means you don't need to care if it overflows or not.

Nick, bravo to you and Coding Badly. I made one last test, and now I can get on with the rest of
my life. I took Morris' original example, start of this thread, and tried both sets of lines below,
along with starting the clock near the wraparound point.

Code: [Select]

- startup:
extern unsigned long timer0_millis;

  timer0_millis = 4294967295UL - 5000UL;

- original: this crashes on wrap, and it crashes horribly if change >= to > in the test.

   blinkTime = millis() + 250;         /* Schedule next state change          */
  if (millis() >= blinkTime) blink(); /* If it's time to change state, do it */

- subtraction method - this flows:

   blinkTime = millis();         /* Schedule next state change          */
  if( (millis() - blinkTime) >= 250) blink(); /* If it's time to change state, do it */

Morris Dovey

Summary with modifications to allow the demo program to run forever:
Code: [Select]
#define LED 13
unsigned long blinkTime = 0;           /* [s]When to execute[/s] When scheduled      */

void blink(void)
{  static int x = 0;                   /* Current LED state 0=>off, 1=>on     */
   digitalWrite(LED,x ^= 1);           /* Set LED to opposite state           */
   blinkTime = millis();               /* Schedule next state change          */
void watch(void)
{  if (millis() - blinkTime >= 250)    /* If it's time to change state        */
      blink();                         /*  then go do it                      */
void setup(void)
{  pinMode(LED,OUTPUT);                /* Use on-board LED as output          */
void loop(void)
{  watch();                            /* Change state whenever it's time     */
There's always a better way!

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