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Hi everyone,

after try to find out how to measure the values of the thermistor 503 (that usually comes with the Arduino Starter Kit) I got it and I'm going to explain it to help others in my situation.

The 503 is a 50K@25C, so you need a R of 50 K to GND.

And the figures you need in order to "understand" the values sent by the thermistor:
Code: [Select]

float var2=1024-analogRead(0);
float Ln_Resist =log(Resistance);
Temp = log(Resistance);
float Ln_Resist3=Ln_Resist*Ln_Resist*Ln_Resist;
Temp = (1/(0.00237531+0.00024632*Ln_Resist+0.00000028*Ln_Resist3)-273);                      
return Temp;    // Devolver temperatura

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