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I want to make an interactive led wall(or more like a picture) that interacts with people walking by.
The idea is to make a led picture that acts just like a mirror, but reflects your body by turning leds on.
I have not yet decided how big it should be or how many leds I'm going to use.

I have just started with Arduino and need some help with how I should build it, and what type of sensors to use.
The project is in its very first stage.

Do you guys have any ideas how I should detect peoples body?
And how to controll all the leds?

See attachment for bad illustration.



A bit like Daniel Rozin's wooden mirror?
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Yes, a little bit, but mine is going to be much more simple and I'm only going to light up leds.


The lighting up LEDs part is the simple part, you can do something like have a 16x32 array that represents the on/off state of the LEDs you are controlling.
16x32 = 512 bytes, a '328 chip only has 2048, so a processor with more memory would be good.

The hard part is doing the processing for the pattern recognition. You'd need to do something like take a 'snapshot' of a bright(ly lit) object in front of a dark object, then do the processing to determine light vs dark, and update your array for updating the display.
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Depending on how mirror-like you want this, you really want a camera input. The Arduino really doesn't have enough oomph to do camera stuff. I'd look at something like a BeagleBone, or a Raspberry Pi once that ships, or perhaps a re-puposed cell phone (bonus: already comes with a camera!)

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