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Has anyone used this board: http://www.olimex.com/dev/olimexino-328.html. It looks like a lot of bang for very few bucks. I particularly like the support for Li-ion power.


I haven't used it but they do seem to make nice stuff.

That board appears to be more robust than a standard Arduino, but the shield compatibility is probably not 100% so I'd look into that if it matters to you.

If you want industrial strength there's the Rugged Circuits board as well.

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the shield compatibility is probably not 100%

In particular, the ISP connector is in a non-standard place, so shields that attempt to get SPI pins from there (EtherShield) won't work with this.)


I don't know the relationship between the "Pinguino" folks and Olimex, but I purchased a "Pinguino" that I believe was supposed to come from Olimex and it never arrived.  When I complained that it never arrived, I was told they were going to send another.  It never arrived.

I'd buy parts elsewhere -- I was not offered a refund, or a tracking number, or anything else.

Marco Benini

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You can buy Olimexino also on Mouser or Farnell online shops, that is better if You want to buy also other electronic components.

Olimexino have an additional IDC port they call UEXT for I2C, SPI and serial (and/or digital/analog pins).


p.s.: I am not Olimex employee, partner, ecc. and have no commercial relationship with them. Just bougth some boards in the past.

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