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I got my uno setup with the speaker and got the RTTTL program working but i was wondering if I could get someway to convert a MP3 file to RTTTL format. If not someone that has a good ear for music to convert a ringtone length file to RTTL.


got the RTTTL program working

Link please we don't all know what this means.

convert a MP3 file

It is very difficult to do anything with MP3 on an arduino, you could do it on your PC though.



I don't need an MP3 to work just convert the MP3 to RTTTL


IF this were possible, it would require:
PC: Probably convert the MP3 to WAV (ver easy)
PC: Software to detect notes in audio (hard)
PC: Convert music score output above to RTTTL format (fairly easy)
Transfer RTTTL to Arduino to play with the library (fairly easy)

(PC = WIndows, Linux, or Mac based personal computer)

There is software which attempts to determine a sequnce of notes from an audio file.  You'll have to research it and test.  It's not a trivial task.

Or, as you say, find a musician who will transcribe it to music, in some music transciption software, or play it on a MIDI keyboard for capture and translation.

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