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I am strongly considering audiorate monitoring, since Max MSP is very strong in this area with many tools such as oscilloscopes and precise frequency conversions, and it does it at interrupt level speed and priority. My audio interface could take the pulse square wave as an audio input, and it would then go right into Max MSP. This would mean cutting the arduino and Maxuino out of the picture altogether for this task. I would still need them for many other tasks at the same time anyway though.

Far less complex, much more accurate, and much more real-time.


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I have succeeded in getting the square wave pulse into Max MSP, running it into my Presonus Firebox interface which is included in the project anyway. The Max MSP external object [sigmund~] analyzed the signal perfectly and gave me a consistent hertz value, which needed no smoothing whatsoever. I can also view the square wave signal in the Max MSP oscilloscope [scope~].

It means that for this part of my project, the arduino/Maxuino will sit out. But they have plenty of other tasks as it is... :)
Thanks very much for anyone who helped, contributed, or gave it thought.

You Tube video demonstrating the results:

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