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Author Topic: please help what kind of  ARDUINO BOARD I need for my slider track dolly  (Read 393 times)
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Hello  please help me
I made professional slider track dolly and I want to made a motor controller but I don’t know what kind of  ARDUINO BOARD  I need.    i want  to do automatic speed and direction controller and manual controller  (with joystick and speed manual with potentiometer and  two fix speed controller)
   3  path record and play.  and usb  controll with notebook.
  i want to do time lapse too.  (this is very important to me)

my track dolly shown on this picture.  
first time I want to  do slider track controller  and then crane control and pan tilt head control.  (i want crane and head controller together and slider track separately )
the slider has  one  12v motor, crane,  12v  2 motor  and pan tilt head 2 motor too.
please help me which ARDUINO BOARDS NEED FOR THIS And  PLEASE  GIVE ME schematic  

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* 12834_183235733574_107338653574_3045115_4578545_n.jpg (40.52 KB, 604x339 - viewed 16 times.)
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Sorry dude, this is not a design service. We all have our own lives and jobs and don't have the time to do free design work for you.

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