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I am working with the Arduino and a breadboard and I was thinking that it would be very nice to have a breadboard cable kit for Arduino.  Does anyone have any suggestions for making a set of cables for hooking up the Arduino to a breadboard?  

I was looking around a bit at the solderless ribbon cable connectors, but I didn't really find anything appropriate.  Soldering connectors takes soo long, and the solderless connectors are so easy and not too much money, so it would be a nice solution.


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Tom Igoe developed a shield for arduino with an integrated mini-breadboard for prototyping
you can find it here http://www.tigoe.net/pcomp/code/archives/arduino/000760.shtml#000760

else you can put the Atmega8 standalone on a breadboard...without the board
so that you don't need any cable...
the beginning setup takes a little time but once you are done you can slide any component directly into the breadboard pin.

also look under the shields section...
not exactly what you are looking for but it can usefull :)



I created a quick breadboard shield for Arduino that's pretty easy to put together in a few minutes.  
Check out: http://todbot.com/blog/2006/07/11/arduino-breadboard-shield/


Hey, very cool.  I added a link to it from the Arduino shields page:


I found a nice solution for cabling to a breadboard:


I don't know the price yet, but I am going to try to get some samples to test them out.


Those flex jumpers are a great idea.
If you search on Mouser for "flex jumpers .10" you get a bunch.
Not exactly what you reference, but close.
For instance, one of them is part number "571-FSN-24A-8", $1.28 each.
It's 8 conductor, 4 inch, with tinned leads on each end.
It's part of a whole series with different conductor count and lead length.


If you buy just a strip of pins, like the isp connector on the arduino but then one row only, you could use a simple ide or floppy cable from a computer. they exist with long pins on both sides, even with a square bend so the cable extends not upward, but parallel to the board.

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