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Topic: Can I generating 110Vac with variable frequency using Arduino??  (Read 229 times) previous topic - next topic


I want to make EL(Electroluminescence) inverter with arduino

my plan is Frequency variable EL inverter with arduino and external circuit

the source of voltage and current is 18650 Li-ion battery

IF arduino can, I want use arduino to change frequency of Vac

how I can changing the frequency of Vac using arduino ????


Does the frequency change the EL output in some way? I don't think the EL light will show any difference until the frequency gets way too low or way too high.

Start with an existing EL generator. Choose one that has an external clock, or at least a crystal you can cut off and inject your own signal. Do they use crystals? Probably not. You would need to be experienced at reading schematics to find the correct wire to cut. This sounds like an excellent project to learn and gain that experience.
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thank you for your reply :)  :)

if Vac frequency being lower or higher , the EL brightness and color are changed!!

But many inverter in open market has constant frequency like it (110Vac, 400Hz or 110Vac, 1KHz)

so if arduino can change frequency of Vac, the EL sheet or wire can be used more application

Just my opinion  :)  :)


Use Direct Digital Synthesis to generate an approximate sine wave with Arduino. Example.

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