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CodeBlocks Arduino Edition is a customized distribution of the open-source Code::Blocks IDE which I enhanced for Arduino software development. It provides more demanding software developers with a more powerful IDE for writing, navigating around, building and managing source codes for Arduino development. By adding a dedicated project wizard, it's very easy create an Arduino project that is ready to be built. The distribution integrates Arduino 1.0 core files, libraries, toolchains, firmware downloader, serial terminal and some other useful utilities.

For more information, changelog and download, please head for the project homepage.


  • dedicated project wizard for Arduino development

  • simplified UI appearance of CodeBlocks IDE

  • integrated Arduino core files and libraries

  • integrated pre-configured AVR compiler toolchain

  • integrated AVRDUDE for uploading (Flash and EEPROM) via USB or programmer

  • integrated advanced serial terminal and programmer utility

  • various Arduino boards supported as build targets


My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog


Can I use this IDE to develop code for the (any) Arduino, but not using the Arduino libraries and basic 'language'??
- perhaps only reuse some pin definition files etc.



Looks very good! has definitely some features people ask for.

Missing on the todo list: - (better) serial monitor?

Rob Tillaart

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Is this a fork, or will this go back to the main project as some sort of wizard?
• Upload doesn't work? Do a loop-back test.
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• Your AVR needs a brain surgery? Use the online FUSE calculator.
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You definitely can do this. After project creation, you will see all the arduino core files included in the project. You can remove them and write you own main().

Can I use this IDE to develop code for the (any) Arduino, but not using the Arduino libraries and basic 'language'??
- perhaps only reuse some pin definition files etc.

My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog


Feb 28, 2012, 06:22 am Last Edit: Feb 28, 2012, 04:28 pm by stanleyhuang Reason: 1
Yes. I will add it to the list.
Actually I will look for a good open-source serial terminal and integrate it in. Suggestions welcomed!

Missing on the todo list: - (better) serial monitor?

My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog


I will be happy if the devs of CodeBlocks include my arduino wizard into the main distribution.
However, in order to make it fully standalone and out-of-box, without the need for setting up compiler and arduino core/library files, as well as to let arduino developer to have a neater look of the IDE, I need to customize CodeBlocks somehow. So I am going to maintain a distribution and update it regularly.

Is this a fork, or will this go back to the main project as some sort of wizard?
My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog


Does your version of Code::Blocks runs on Linux ?

I download  codeblocks-arduino-20120228.7z and I see  many *.exe files ?


I just updated some screenshots and you can see it works on ubuntu.
But I haven't time to release a distribution for Linux. You can add the project wizard to a installed Code::Blocks on Linux. All the project wizard files are available in SVN.
My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog



Visual Micro

Arduino for Microsoft Visual Studio Pro and Atmel Studio 6.1 http://www.visualmicro.com
Arduino Debugger http://www.visualmicro.com/post/2012/05/05/Debug-Arduino-Overview.aspx


Could you do a basic tutorial about how to configure it all , at least to do a basic blink sketch from a new install, for those that never used it ?!? PLEASE?!? It is a wicked share and i really thank you in advance !
Im asking this cause i tried but having errors   (wmath coming up with errors, but i guess its some underlying issue im not aware of)
10 LET Loop=Infinite
20 GO TO 10


Awesome, I remember looking for this and thinking about starting something like this a couple of years ago.  Great work (at least it looks like it).

Just a couple of suggestions, please keep it as a set of plugins and don't completely fork.  It is great to have a distobution aready configured but please seperate what is arduino specific and keep that in your repos and contribute IDE related things back to the main code-blocks repo.  It will ensure both projects are helping each other.

And just for refrence, I like to use QtCreator (fantastic IDE) and I just use GNU screen as my serial monitor.



Just tell you guys I have just released an update for the Arduino IDE based on CodeBlocks. For more information and download, please head for: http://www.arduinodev.com/codeblocks/
My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog

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