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just got my arduino board and ultrasound device.
i uploaded the code to my arduino board:


and i have the following ultrasound detectors:


so, how do i connect them to the arduino board? i am a newbie..


5v power to > 5v supply
Gnd > 0v ground
pin 7 > trigger input
pin 6 > echo output

arduino is runnig with the code from the website above.


Reading the documentation for the sensor, it sounds like that if you connect its mode pin to ground, connect the trigger input pin (which is both trigger and echo in this mode) to pin 7 of the Arduino, and connect ground to ground and +5V to +5V, the example code should work as is.  You may just need to change the delayMicroseconds(5) to delayMicroseconds(10).  

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