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Hi, this is jack from soppcb technolgoy in shenzhen, we are a professional manufaturer of single sided pcb, double sided board, HDI boards, aluminum led boards, multilayer pcb boards and so on.

If any needs, pls contact me.

soppcbtech *at* gmail *dot* com


In view of "The end of the world", SOPPCB will give a very big discount of Rigid PCB samples to the customers as followings:

Single-sided rigid PCB: USD49/board                                                        Double-sided rigid PCB; USD52/board
4 layers rigid PCB: USD98/board

1, all samples should be the same spec.: 1.6mm FR4, HASL with lead, green soldermask and white legend, 1oz copper.
2, all samples should be with the size of less than 80mm×80mm each board.
3, all samples should be with the quantity of less than 5pcs each board.
4, the price here doesn't include the shipping cost.

5, the time will be end till the holiday of Chinese Lunar Year.


Double-sided rigid PCB; USD52/board

For what size boards?  Seems like a high price for small boards.


USD52 for 5 samples of double sided 80mm x 80mm card? Or for each card, so 5 would be USD $260?

Either way is high; iteadstudio will do 10 pieces of 100mm x 100mm for $24.90:
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