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I've assembled a weather observing station and have it gathering data. Now I'd like to assemble a few more to use in other locations, or for other geek friends to use.  I have NO experience in laying out or making a PCB.  Can anyone recommend a reference or how-to book for building a more permanent circuit?


I haven't made the jump to PCB's yet, but many people use Eagle for laying out the design. http://www.cadsoftusa.com/ After breadboarding a permament project I usually solder into onto proto board.  The one's from Adafruit are quite nice.  http://www.adafruit.com/products/571


Sparkfun has a set of tutorials on using eagle to make a PCB.

Or you can ask someone experienced to do it for you.  Converting an existing arduino design into a board with some custom connectors layed out or similar only takes an hour or two if you have a working design already.  Then can send off to iteadstudio for 10 boards for $24.90 plus shipping.
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SparkFun Tutorials Embeded electronics 8 9 and 10 is the ones that you'd need for EAGLE PCB

Print them off at seeed studio, 10 bucks for 10 boards (5x5cm) is a great deal!

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