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Topic: Shuld I take lessons on C or Embedded C to programme arduino ? (Read 2 times) previous topic - next topic


What is an embedded programming language? Does Perl qualify as embedded programming language?
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If it is used in an embedded device (like a phone), then yes it is.
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Usually when you hear "Embedded <X>" talked about, it means "<X> tweaked for use in an embedded system."  So "Embedded Perl" would be a version of Perl that was tuned for an embedded system.  A good example is PyMite, which is a Python interpreter written for MCU's.


but can you explain little bit about gcc..?

GCC is simply the GNU version of a C compiler.  A number of compilers for C exist, but GCC is definitely the more popular one.  Apple seems to be pretty aggressive in their efforts in using LLVM. 

(Not really arduino related but has anyone used XCode 4 with Clang?  I'd like to hear what you think about it since I seem to have a tough time upgrading my XCode version.)

Sorry for the off-tangent bit.  I feel that C is a good place to start but I agree with cr0sh, you have to understand the idea of programming regardless of what you start out with - just don't start out with java (man was that ever a mistake!)

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