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i am going to plug it only when the car is already running and not at the start up.arduino will only supply 5 volts to two servo motors . I found this:
will it be ok if i use to the positive pole one fuse 1A?


As CrossRoads says, that will make the voltage regulator on your Arduino run warm. Especially if you are pulling enough current to run two servos. Better to use a 5 Volt source, like the USB output that CrossRoads recommended. They are more efficient, and will save your Arduino from the heat.


Car electrical systems are very noisy, you need to ensure that you filter the power supply to the Arduino to stop any spikes getting through. I don't think it's a good idea to power servos directly from the Arduino since a typical servo can take more current than the Arduino regulator is designed to supply. Better to give them their own regulator.
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