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First post... Just ordered my Arduino from Sparkfun....

I would be interested to know if anyone has tried/heard to interface an Arduino with SD or CF card for storage of data. If so, where can I find more details about this?




Bit of info here... if anyone is able to translate the German link that would be awesome. This would be a major selling point for the Arduino if it was part of the example sketches.



Thanks for the link, I didn't see that when I was looking for information about SD and Arduino.

I also ran into this: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=7956
and this: http://chipdos.com/modules.htm

Maybe someone else can use this information


I just came across this at random, I don't know if others have seen it before, but it looks VERY promising!


It's code for a AtMega16 but I'm sure it could be ported to the AtMega8 - it uses the SPI interface which I beleive arduino can use yeah?

I'm very interested in getting SD/MMC support for the arduino up and running, but I don't have the programming skills to take what's on that page and get it working with Arduino. If anyone's interested though I'd love to help out - perhaps by me doing a 'datalogger shield' design to compliment their programming work.

This would I think definately be a selling point for the arduino. i showed my basic USB arduino to my boss, and since then he's bought two and now uses them as A/D converters for various sensors in his own light aircraft, but he has to carry his laptop to log the data. if there was a way to log the data on a memory card, readable by a pc later, that would be seriously awesome.


If your boss is interested in small, lightweight data loggers for RC airplanes you should show him these links. They will make him drool!


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