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Ordered mine on the day and got a delivery date of 14th April. Now I have just got an email saying the 15th May.


Theres a post on the raspberry pi front page regarding that GM, they say it was in error and the original dates hold.


I was busy on the day, and they'd been reported sold out by the time I realised they'd gone on sale.  I'll hang on until the rush is over I think........


Yes I just went over to the web site after I posted this and found they claim it was an error. We will see.

I'll hang on until the rush is over I think

Not much point as Farnell have never taken money from me for something that has been out of stock and on back order before. They always charge the credit card once stock is allocated to you.


I've registered interest with Farnell which is all you can do at the moment.  I'll see how it goes.


Don't complain about the price of the Arduino you just need to know where to get a good deal.

I got my mega from mouser CHEAP!


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