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Actually, none of this is true.

Well according to the experts on the Pi forum this is true. These are people with 12 years plus professional usage of Linux.

Only 12? Late to the game, then...  :P

Yes I am very new to Linux,

Yes, it shows.

however I have not got 20 years left in me jumping through hoops to fix something that is just a tangled mess. The problem is that Linux is a great mess, it is better than it was but it is still a mess.

Uh, well no. I don't know where you are getting this stuff from, but refer to the previous point.

The code quality is very poor. Most of the time stuff simply does just not work, and you have to keep upgrading the distribution so that all you configuration is lost and you have to start all over again.

Uh, no and no. And no.

This passes for entertainment in Linux land. You can try automatic updaters like RPI-update and that just trashes your SD card, it sould have been called RIP-update.

I used RPI-update when I installed the standard "Raspbian" distro. No trashed SD card, it just all works. But what would I know...

One problem with the Pi is the USB drivers drop frames, resulting amongst other things repeating keys on some keyboards but not others. They can't solve that so what chance have I in solving that.

So, it's currently not working with *some* keyboards (I haven't heard this, but let us suppose you have your facts straight on this).

Well, that's clearly game over then, isn't it?  :smiley-roll:

Frankly if you get you kicks from writing drivers and installing stuff then Linux is for you. If you actually want to do projects then there are much better solutions.

I do both. But if you want to argue for your limitations, feel free -- you are entitled to keep them.

Just don't confuse *your* limitations with anything (or anyone) else's, please! You are starting to sound like the guy who started that recent thread "ARDUNIO C+++ SUCKKS!!11!!

I'm sure you are very knowledgeable about many things. You will look less foolish if you stick to opining about that which you know.

It always amazes me how people can have such strong opinions about subjects about which they actually have so little knowledge or experience. Part of the human condition, I suppose.
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I'm going to have to ask the personal attacks to discontinue here, or I will lock this thread.


Linux is as lovely as the people who love it.


Move over Adonis, I'm coming through with my Red Hat distro.
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Only 12? Late to the game, then..

Yes I think that sums up Linux quite nicely, a gentle learning curve.

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