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You are misinterpreting the info.  Color Kinetics uses a 3 wire power/data distribution.
Red +24V DC
White data
Black Common

They are NOT DMX.  To use with DMX they require a controller/PSU unit.  They also use a proprietary data format.  Not sure if that format is just DMX ran as an unbalanced signal or if it does some data translation. I also have no idea what voltage the data line runs at, my gut says 24V on the data line could fry it.

I try to built the controller myself. It definitely is DMX, just on 24 an 0 volts. As is said, it worked before with one fixture. I was sending DMX data to the single fixture.
And it worked for him, too: http://mit.edu/loganw/www/color_kinetics.html


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If you look at the PDS-150 board there's a pair of transistors, one of which is FZT790A, and the other I can't completely read on my board.
There's also an SK14 Schottky diode. I think you probably need these two things to change the signal... maybe increase the current more than a microcontroller is capable of doing?


OK, based on the given info and your schematic it does look like it should work.  Have you tried it with just one light again?  perhaps your mosfet is damaged?


OK it was true the MOSFET was dead. Probably due to random testing  :smiley-roll-blue:. I replaced it with a new one. Now there are the following results:
5V @ Gate -> 24V @ Drain  :)
0V @ Gate -> 21,1V @ Drain  =(

So what can I do to get the results I need?


Here's an alternate schematic trying to do what you're doing from a known CK hacker, not sure if it helps at all...

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