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Ok so I took a Flavia Coffee machine to bits that was being disposed of and pulled the display which turns out to be a varitronix MGLS-12864T, it seems to run on the T6963c chip. So I dug up that much info and had a bit of a surf and came across this thread: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1256005929/0 which I had a look through and it provided me with some connectivity.

I have connected most of it to a breadboard, used the code on that page combined with the downloaded library but couldnt get it to work.

I do think I am missing something. The pinout is as follows

1 - FG (no idea what that is?)
2 - VSS (ground?)
3 - VDD (+5v?)
4 - V0 (?)
5 - WR
6 - RD
7 - CE
8 - c/d
9 - RST
10 -17 = DB0 - DB7
18 - FS (?)
19+20 - Backlight

So I connected as per the link however, other than having some connections I am not sure about theres the other issue of the fact it uses 8 digital pins and all 6 analogue!

So firstly my question is does anyone know how to wire this up and make it work, then the second part, is there a way to make it work but only use maybe 1 analogue/1 digital? I have seen the mention of serial comms for them, but dont really know enough!

I was trying to use some old junk use what other people had done as a base and play around til I got it to work, seemingly though I am missing some basic principles! In the end I would like to use my display to read out information from upto 6 analogue sensors, which I understand I could do using something called a multiplexer?

Help much appreciated!

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