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I'm new to Arduino, and would like to use an Uno to power a Tamiya Dual Gearbox. I don't need to control the speed, I would just like to be able to get the motors to turn forward and backward via HIGH or LOW commands. Is there a simple H Bridge schematic that I can use to power each motor separately?
Here's a link to the gearbox if it helps:

Thanks for the help!


How about you do this: Go to google, type in "h-bridge schematic" and see what you come up with (maybe throw in a keyword like "L298" and "L293"); seriously - do a bit of research first, then come back here. This is a very common question (you could probably find this kind of question asked and answered 200 times in the past year alone!), and I've already used up way more time typing this than it would take you to find an answer.
I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


I've already done that, but I figured there might be a common one used here that was very specific. Thanks for your help.


That is a good point - the best advice from the forums really ought to be migrating into playground examples in a less haphazard manner perhaps...
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Lok at the various motor shields. there are several out there that have 2 H-Bridges that would allow you to control 2 motors. Most would require 2 Arduino pins for each motor (thats because they can also be used to power 1 stepper).

You need to know the current rating of your motors, and use that to get a unit big enough for your current requirements.

H-Bridge circuits are not simple, unfortunately they require 8 transistors and a few other components...

I know Sparkfun, and others have a Motor Shield for US$25 that is good for 2 amps. Uses an L298 H-Bridge IC. You can get a schematic from them also.


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