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My favorite choice (if you can find it) - ZTX851, NPN, high gain, high current (5A), low saturation voltage, in tiny e-line package...
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Ugh, that part has awful #s:
IC=0.1A, IB=5mA*
IC=1A, IB=50mA*
IC=2A, IB=50mA*
IC=5A, IB=200mA*

Arduino only puts out 40mA, this part could only control ~0.7A.
And it costs $1.09.

This 48 cent MOSFET Logic Level (can control with 0/5V gate) can control all the current, and will run cooler.
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I agree with you about ZTX851 about high IB needed to switch high IC. It need an another transistor in a Darlington config for this transistor to operated. I also notice the switching and bandwith is pretty good. Maybe that is why this transistor is expensive.

And I also agree with you for the OP to use a MOSFET Logic Level.

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