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She was bidding me good day while I was in the middle of stating a question about a pickup schedule. I hope this is just an isolated event but I've not used Fedex before.


Why did you try to pick up a fed ex girl?  8)
I prefer the UPS girls anyways.
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Why did you try to pick up a fed ex girl?  8)
I prefer the UPS girls anyways.

Someone really wants the package overnight and I'm offered their fedex number for shipping so no choice. UPS would work just fine although I didn't have UPS pickups either.


He was joking

2.    pick up
To meet someone, usually at a bar or party, and persuade them to leave with you in order to have sex. Used for in-person encounters, as opposed to hookup, which can also be used for internet meetings for sex.


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I just drop it in the box in front of the post office and dozens of other locations marked in neon letters "FED EX Express", but that's just me...

I generally prefer fedex over UPS, fedex ground drivers are subcontractors fighting for the privilege, express drivers get their pay docked if even 1 second late therefore everyone has incentive

UPS is full of union people who generally dont give a shit and are more apt to play soccer with your Tiffany lamp while taking days longer and charging more. So ok you got a flustered operator who had a brain fart from fedex, I have had UPS both deliver 9 miles east of my apartment complex, AND throw a package at my door, within the last year (nevermind UPS's retarded base 36 tracking numbers)


The driver called me asking about this incident. He is pretty upset over me being treated like this. I just have not called customer service to formally complain yet. In this case the driver felt his company good name that the drivers maintain gets tarnished by someone working over the phone. I'm happy at least someone cares about how I am treated as a customer.

By the way my cit is pretty small and doesn't have fedex or ups drop off boxes at every street corner.

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