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Anyone around Devon / Plymouth area ???


I'm near Bodmin, about an hours drive from Plymouth.


Hi Antony,

I'm Matt and I live in Plymouth. I am trying to find people/groups to share embedded adventures/electronics, as my friends just get confused and bored!

Do you know of any groups/clubs in the area?


Hi Pacman,

I think you'll only find 'lone wolves' in this part of the world. Nice to know there are a few of us around though!


Hi Amatol,

There is a Plymouth uni computing and technology society called "TermiSoc" http://termisoc.org/

They are after guest speakers for arudino no 13. on there list http://lists.termisoc.org/pipermail/announcements/2012-February/000044.html

I would help but I only just got my mega and am still finding my feet, I would love to attend if some more competent person would take there offer up from here?

Do u you know enough?


Hi, just signed up, am from Bristol


I'm in North Devon, Near Bideford.
I'm currently at Uni in Falmouth... I travel down there every couple of weeks to check in.


10 LET Loop=Infinite
20 GO TO 10


YES! Same haha! Know of anything local? <30 mins driving distance?

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