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Hi all,
     I am trying to use an Arduino Pro Micro 5v/16mhz with the Arduino 1.0 software on mac.  The chip I am using is from sparkfun.


The installation tutorial says I should choose the 'Arduino Leonardo board' option in the 'boards' list but
it is not listed.

The tutorial for pc installation says you can edit the boards.txt file to enable the leonardo option in the
list but I cannot find the mac equivalent of this file.

Anyone know where the mac equivalent of the 'boards.txt' file is kept? or is there an alternative compatible board I can pick. I have searched in all folders and cannot find anything apart from the
Arduino prefs file. This has no boards options.

When I plug in the board the mac recognises it as an 'Arduino Leonardo'.  Arduino software is the latest version.

any help greatly appreciated



You can create your own 'boards.txt' file in the 'hardware' folder inside your sketch folder:

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Ok so, solved it. Thanks for your help John but that method did not work for me.

For anyone else who needs to know how to do this.  Find the 'Arduino' application in Finder

Right click

select 'Show Package Contents'

navigate to Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/Arduino

The mac version of boards.txt is hidden deep in there.  You can change or replace the boards.txt here.

To activate the 'Arduino Leonardo' board option you have to remove all the annotations (hashes - sorry can't find the key on bloody mac) from the start of every Leonardo line, then save.

This must be done with Arduino closed as I believe it will overwrite the file when you close it.


(hashes - sorry can't find the key on bloody mac)

Try Option-3.
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Hi  Fnordcorps

Good job !

As with all things MAC, when you find it, it just works. Updated "boards.txt" on my PC then just copied it to where you said & all worked well.

# key on the mac - "alt" 3. - they have finally actually added it onto the key on new macs (my old air didn't have it on the key but my new pro does).

Thanks for saving me a load of time.


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