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I'm pretty new to this sort of thing and I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but here goes. I'm trying to make my own powerglove with accelerometer data like the wii. I'm using an analog mux to read the finger bend sensors and the 3 acceleration channels via the analog ports. I'm using a bluetooth connection to a pc to write the values from the bend sensor and the acceleration. I'm using a digital pin to activate a 555 timer that oscillates at the same frequency as an ultrasonic transducer. I have a second arduino to constantly read three other transducers at known locations. If I can measure the delays between when I transmit the signal over the transducer and when I receive the signal, I can triangulate the position.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to measure the time delay between when I activate the transducer and when I receive the accoustic signal. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to measure this delay? I was thinking of trying to send a bit over the bluetooth when I activate the accoustic signal, have the second arduino activate a bit over the serial port when it receives the sound. Then let the computer handle measuring the difference. Does this seem feasible? The problem I have is that the arduino time function is measured in milliseconds, but I need microseconds of resolution to get good triangulation. Thanks for the suggestions!

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