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I'd certainly consider the DS18B20, solves all the problems with the analogue inputs, and allows the addition of extra sensors with relative ease (a coding exercise rather than a hardware one)


I would definitely recommend the DS18B20 Temp sensors - i have a system very similar to what you describe but completely built using the PICAXE range of microprocessors. I have just undertaken to move this to the Arduino environment.

I have been using the DS18B20 Temp sensors for about 5 years now and they have been brilliant - i have had two failures (from poorly built waterproof housings that i made) out of 12 units in 5 years.

Their accuracy is outstanding. If you are worried about them - then deploy two in each location and sanity check the readings from both against each other and create a weighted average.



Hi Thomas,

Do you have any news about your project? You promised a schematic some time ago.

Best Regards


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