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Hello all, I just ordered a shield that doesn't have headers installed. Do I HAVE to solder them in or is it sufficent to "plug them in"? I tried just using jumpers but the pins slip through the holes too easily.

It's a pricey shield and I am not the best with a solder iron. What's the best tutorial for this?


*Any* solder tutorial will be sufficient to teach you to make the simplest solder connect (e.g. soldering header pins on.)
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Yes they need soldering - its best to practice on something else first.

Tip - make sure your iron is hot, wipe it on a wet sponge before and after every joint you solder and apply fresh solder to iron, then iron to the joint, then solder to the joint, then remove iron in less than 5 seconds.

Don't breath in the fumes.
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Ok great, thanks! Will a solder pump help to sop up any mistakes I make?


Will a solder pump help to sop up any mistakes I make?

Yes and also a solder braid with the help of rosin flux.

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