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I was wondering if it was possible to somehow control multiple RGB LED setups in a similar manner to doing multiple 7-segment displays by switching the cathode on down the line. My stumbling block comes when I would want to set the first color - Sink the cathode, Set each of the PWMs, Then Sink the next Cathode and Set the PWMs etc.. down the line. I haven't actually implemented it yet, but I feel as though my colors would all be incorrect since I would basically have the PWM settings from the first before I switch them over to the next..

Is there any way to say, in one command, Pin 2 set to high, pin 9 to 128, pin 10 to 64 and pin 11 to 255? Ideally I'd like to control as many RGB leds as digital Pins..

can this even be done w/ the stock arduino or is there a led driver that I would find really interesting? heh...



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