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I have some intentions to build a Nixie Tube clock with the Arduino.  I'll be running 9V to a DC step up converter to get around 170V.  When all of that is interfaced and grounds are correct, will the Arduino have any difficulties with it?

I certainly don't want to fry my board and I'm definitely not a EE major; just bored and teaching myself some new tricks.



Just keep the input levels to the Arduino under 5V and you will be fine. The high and low voltage circuits can of course share a ground if electrically necessary.
For outputs to high voltage circuitry, the safe way to do it is with an optoisolator; read this for more info. With an optoisolator, your low voltage (Arduino) sends signals optically to the high voltage Nixies, with no chance of the HV or associated noise coming back down the line.

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