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Ok so I've been able to draw a predefined sprite on an LED matrix with 2 595s, but I seem to be stuck as how to update the display dynamically. Any ideas on how to update the display via serial?

Code: [Select]

byte dataPin = 0; // 74HC595 pin 14
byte latchPin = 1; // 74HC595 pin 12
byte clockPin = 2; // 74HC595 pin 11

byte data; // storage for the current data byte
byte dataArray[8]; // define the data array

byte row; // storrage for the current row byte
byte rowArray[8]; // define the row array

void setup()
 pinMode(dataPin, OUTPUT); //pinmode setup
 pinMode(latchPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(clockPin, OUTPUT);

// column registers for image data.
 dataArray[0] = B00011000;
 dataArray[1] = B00111100;
 dataArray[2] = B01111110;
 dataArray[3] = B11011011;
 dataArray[4] = B11111111;
 dataArray[5] = B01011010;
 dataArray[6] = B10000001;
 dataArray[7] = B01000010;

// row registers... DO NOT CHANGE THESE!
 rowArray[0] = B01111111;
 rowArray[1] = B10111111;
 rowArray[2] = B11011111;
 rowArray[3] = B11101111;
 rowArray[4] = B11110111;
 rowArray[5] = B11111011;
 rowArray[6] = B11111101;
 rowArray[7] = B11111110;

void loop()

void drawSprite()
 for(int j = 0; j < 8; j++){ // load the byte...
   data = dataArray[j]; // from the data array...
   row = rowArray[j]; // and the row array
   digitalWrite(latchPin, LOW); // ground the latch pin
   shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, data); // shift out the data
   shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, row); // shift out the row byte
   digitalWrite(latchPin, HIGH); // it's finished so bring the latch pin high
   //delay(50); // left in to display the plex at low speed    
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