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Dario Gogliandolo

congratulations for a job well done!
Also I have created a dashboard OBDII but I used another microcontroller, the NXP LPC1768.
I'd like to have your opinion, HERE you can find the video demo! :)
Hello and congratulations again!
Video demonstration of my Dashboard OBDII -> http://goo.gl/m8Pqp


I have ordered one. How long it takes for shipping to U.S.?  Thanks.


Rob Tillaart

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Really nice product, I think....

I've purchased two of these things thinking the first might be defective as I couldn't get any sort of clear readings out of it even when I connected the UART lines to an oscilloscope.

I'm an electronics engineer and I don't see any issues on my end, I can't even get the simple LED program to work for engine RPM over 2000.

I've tried it on a 1999 and a 2000 Firebird with no results. But cars OBD ports work fine with all other scanners.

Really is a shame, would love to figure it out finally


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