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That's cool - it would be really nice for this project and it looks like it's available now but there's not enough technical info about it yet.. the datasheet just has a diagram of the board.  The website says that it uses the VDIF command set (presumably with some extra commands like PLAY or something) but the VDIF docs don't have the VMUSIC1-specific commands in there yet.  Someone on the avrfreaks forums said he got one already but now he's finding the same thing - there are no docs.


On the page


there is more documentation including a link to


which has the VMUSIC commands on page 13



its now showing up in their shop



I bought two last week.. haven't gotten them just yet.

It seemed like a better solution than the ipod for this case.
I couldn't find a dirt cheap ipod - everyone wants to buy them to fix em so even ones with cracked screens, broken hold buttons, broken earphone jacks, etc go for more than a VMUSIC1.
Also, it will draw less power and after this piece is taken down, I'll be able to use the VMUSIC for things other than playing music because of its writing capabilities.
Lastly, it's smaller than an ipod and that size difference actually matters for this application.

BTW, there's an article about using the VMUSIC1 to make an mp3 player in NUTS & VOLTS this month.


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