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  As was pointed out earlier the STM chips are more difficult to use but, here is the easiest solution that I have found. http://leaflabs.com/devices

They use a IDE that is close to the same as Arduino but, the libraries are not well established yet. If you just need fast pin action then a STM32 chip may do the trick.

In there forum, someone has made the IDE work with the discovery boards but, I have not figured out the process of doing so yet. http://forums.leaflabs.com/
Good links: Eagle tutorial= http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDE1858BD83D19C70
General Arduion tutorials = http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com


I saw that 72MHz MAPLE, looked like a nice setup?
I appreciate all this help, I really need TIME to code.
Actually learn code  8)

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