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Using a KS0108 glcd i just got , whenever i try to use the example it just says error "OUTPUT" was not declared in scope ( this error happend in the KS0108.cpp file)


Not sure which library you are using but the glcd v3 library supports the ks0108
and works with Arduino 1.0 or pre 1.0

You can read about the glcd library here:

but make sure to run the v3 version which you can get on the google code page:

--- bill


I think these errors are linked with non inclusion of libraries like "Arduino.h" try putting this in your sketch and if not also this "wiring.h" i think you will get rid of this problem successfully.

Try it. This only happens with Arduino 1.0 IDE, However also note Bill perry's comments as he is creater of the library.for GLCD's supporting Ks0108 Driver's.
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