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I am completely unfamilier with microcontrollers ... but i m working on a project and I wanted to know how I should interface a PCB keypad board with arduino ... and have the arduino read a PIN from the keypad (which will then make an LED blink)


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this information is out there, but it's written for pics, basic stamps and other processors. It should be easy to port it over to the  Arduino. Just Google some of the following to get started:

keypad basic stamp, or

keypad pic, or

keypad picbasic, or

keypad atmega8, or the ever-popular

Arduino keypad!

Within the results for these searches you will find dozens of pages describing how to do it for other platforms. Once you get started, people in here are generally happy to help you fill in the details.. but you have to initiate the research yourself :)




Many examples can be found on google when you search for Arduino and keypad, too.

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