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Sorry I don't have any pictures, but I have a bunch of different model alarm keypads that I got from salvaging, anyway has anyone had any experience hacking these? Im talking more about the protocol they talk with, im assuming some sort of serial as the back of the keypad has 4 connections, r,b,y,g which I would guess are +pwr,gnd, tx,rx
Im gonna figure it out eventually but if someones done it it'd be nice to know its possible or even worth it


Have any luck with this? I am looking to replace my PC5010. It would be nice to make use of the existing keypads. I imagine that the keypads have some sort of encryption to prevent sniffing keypress'


No unfortunately,  seems its a proprietary protocol and while can be somehwat decyphered its not reliable as it doesn't appear to be the same everytime, I ended up just taking th parts out and probably gonna use that case for something else for open source


probably just disconnect the controller from the keypad, and go from there, in the end its a simple matrix of switches going somewhere to get all buggered up and sent serially via proprietary BS to a controller


Unforunetly for the one I happen to have 3 keypads of has an unkown 16 pin lcd screen that doesn't appear to be compatible with the lcd library, probably different pinout as when the supposed backlight pins are connected it shorts out the usb power
woulda been nice to have the screen atleast : /


I would like this as well. I have found a thread on another site: http://www.diysecurityforum.com/index.php?topic=10480.0, discussing interfacing with an Ademco/Honeywell Keypad (Looks the same for DSC too), and they found the interface uses 4800 bps Serial. Anyone have an idea on how to do this with an Arduino?


I imagine you could just do serial.begin(4800)
If you get any actual data on that let us know, I took apart they keyspads I got but I get more every so often and would love to just hook up 4 wires and not have to touch the inside or rewire my own controller in the same space


See also http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=200820.0 .

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