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I have windows 7 on my Laptop but neither of the IDE-0022 or latest 1.0 working properly on it?? What should I do?? It takes too much time to start and then it stops responding..

Louis Davis

Please try the troubleshooting steps in the following link to see if this solves your problem:



I have latest java but still IDE is not working..and as shown in link I can't find "Preferences.txt" file..


See the Error

Louis Davis

What is the path to your Arduino installation?

That error is caused by the inability to read the default preferences.txt file contained within the Arduino installation. This could be caused by a corrupt installation or by problems with read/write permissions to that file.

Try moving your Arduino folder to a different location. For example, I usually place mine at C:\ Arduino\ Arduino-1.0\

Another experiment to try, execute Arduino.exe as administrator. It really should not be necessary, but I have seen a few cases where others have had to do that to launch the IDE on their systems.


I downloaded 1.0 version and extracted it. Now it runs ,but it sticks when i select "tools" menu. I have latest java installation and I have also tried to delete "preferences.txt" file from document but it regenerates again and again when I restart The software. May be I need to "Install" the software it properly, but I can not find it's installation file...All I found was just .rar file to extract it...do u have any other solution?


I have seen this problem many times , so many that i can;t even count but this problem have been rather SO very Temporary as just closing all the other windows of the arduino IDE and restarting simply by double clicking the arduino.exe is sufficient maximum you have to restart your computer.

This problem more or less happens due to non-recognition of the Serial port Driver so roll back the driver once and again  install the driver afresh and then restart your IDE again.

also, have you anytime faced the Lauch4j error in IDE?, see there is no actual installation of files ,Arduino is just a static application that just sits on your hardrive and in order to work it calls from all files that makes it work, so also make sure you have completely and successfully unziped the downloaded Arduino IDE zip file.
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