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I want to use the if as a condition and then if the answer is true, the program will stom automatically and ingnore all the remaining parts of the program. How can I do that?


Code: [Select]
if (x)
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Sorry but what does that code do?

What if I want to start the program all over again whenever the answer to my If statement is true.
What I need is like a master reset.


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AWOL answered your question then you changed the brief.

Code: [Select]
loop () {
   if (!x)
     while(1);  // x is false so stop program

   // do other stuff

This will constantly execute normal code until x == false.

Or do you want to stop then restart when something happens?

Explain exactly what needs to happen.

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Must say I haven't tried it, just did an search "software reset arduino", maybe solutions in this thread can help you further.


There are ways to "reset" the Arduino using software, a simple "jmp 0" for example, but I don't think I've ever heard a valid argument for doing so.

OP, tell us what you are trying to achieve.

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i dont think  its a reset its a freeze
your progam runs

void setup;
int run = HIGH;
void loop;
       if ( run = HIGH){
           //run  your program here
              //when you want to exit
            if (your condition = true){
                 run = LOW; //your program wont run again till you reset.

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