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OK, I've finished designing an Arduino-compatible DASH7 board.  I'm sending it off to the fab.  Let me know if you are interested, because that way I can better estimate quantities.

Bascially, it fits onto the end of a Uno or Due Arduino.  Communication is via UART or I2C at up to 1Mbps.  Of course, USB-CDC is also included, so that's an option if you are communicating with a USB host (such as a PC).  I spent a lot of time designing the input to allow for a lot of I/O options, so there is a 30-pin card connector that exposes everything, an extra through-hole SWD connector for programming even if you have the card connector loaded, and the standard half-shield Arduino connections.

Power is a regulated 2.8V (3-5.5V input), or you can attach a 2xAlkaline pack directly to the Vdd.  The electronics can go down to 2V, so subtract 0.2V for the Schottky, and you can take the alkaline cells down to 2.2V.  This is almost all the way to the bottom of their discharge curve.  I chose 2.8V because it allows a Li-Ion cell to get discharged almost all the way to its bottom, and it is high enough to work with 3.3V IO.  This board will not instantly work with 5V IO.  It is 5V tolerant, but your 5V Arduino will not be able to detect the 2.8V signals unless you install/configure pull-up resistors.  There seem to be plenty of tutorials on converting Arduino to 3.3V, or alternatively there are plenty of 3.3V Arduino models to buy.

The MCU is a 48pin STM32L15x.  These come in many sizes, from 32/10 to 384/32.  If anyone is interested in helping me port libmaple to STM32L (it shouldn't be too hard), then this could be a Wiring/Arduino platform in its own right.  Right now, you will need to know C to write an application that runs on the STM32L.


I have interest, in the arduino shield, or this board, or even the schematic project. About the programmable work that you will have, I hope contribute with, so keep contact when you want.


OK, the first boards are in.  Check it out!


I'm new to Dash7, but am very interested in this technology and its use in home automation, and would like to work with this prototype module and contribute to the project.


Are any of these modules still available?

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