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Good day gentlemen,

I am in need a of coding guru to solve a variable problem that involve the password,eeprom and keypad library.

If you could contact me at   jordan2 _delta  at   hotmail dot com , that would be wonderful.

I'm sorry for not posting the code here,It's just to minimize chances of beginners stumbling on it during a google search and use it "as is" then break something.

I will post the cleaned up code and thanks properly whoever want to help.

Problem is to take a "password" variable from the keypad library and apply it to the "password" variable from the password library,then store it into eeprom.
I've tried a whole bunch of things and nothing seems to work,everytime the new password is blank,or a bunch of random stuff or even addition of all precedent passwords...

Thanks a lot.


You can post your code, then when all the problems are solved, edit your post and update/remove the old code, or link to the finished stuff.
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thanks for the advice but I'd rather not as it's a project intended for someone first.

Once cleared up I will gladly put it up thanks.


as it's a project intended for someone first.

That someone is your teacher ?
Rob Tillaart

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That's very rude of you if I may say,
but no it's not for "my teacher". As a mechanical engineering student I don't have that kind of courses.

I'd like to add that if you're not feeling like helping me out here,please sir,feel free to change page and
help someone else the best you can.



You may say so and I did not meant to insult or offend you, so if you are I'm apologizing.

I replied in this way as we get quite many students here asking for help with their homework, and we have had discussions about the ethical aspects of helping them, how to help what to do and what not to do (no final conclusions). Some students ask for help before they have tried anything, others show the code they have, what they tried what they excpected, what they got provided links to the datasheets of the devices involved etc.

Enough said about that,

I am willing to help you out but I prefer discussion on the forum in your interest as many people can help you in parallel. If you send me the code I might have time or not and you have to wait on average much longer. I'll sent you a PM.

Rob Tillaart

Nederlandse sectie - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,77.0.html -
(Please do not PM for private consultancy)


Fair enough Rob,
I didn't get your message yet tho...

The only reason I'm not willing to post the code right now is that It's not cleaned,and I don't like posting crap.

My website is badwolf.ca and you can check it out,I don't post incomplete stuff.

What I'm updating is actually the anti-theft car device.

I'm currently working with Alexander Brevig,the creator of the password lib but sadly enough he's online about once a week so progress is quite slow.

I'll be awaiting your pm,thanks.

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