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I am currently doing a project which uses the Arduino lilypad and a top.

I have created a circuit using the main board, a power supply and an accelerometer. The aim is to basically view in a processing sketch the change in values when the top is moved (this works when connected via USB to the computer).

The next step for this is to make it wireless. So, I have a lilypad breakout board connected to the main board using pins + - rx and tx with a 9v bolt battery soldered to the breakout board. I then have an explorer board connecting the the PC. Both XBees were configured using coolterm (Im using a Mac) and both have the same PAN ID, their own individual IDs and destination IDs.

When the XBees are connected, both power lights come on, and the RSSI light is green every now and then but not continuously. The rx and tx lights do not come on at all.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong and would really really appreciate some help!!!

Thanks so much,


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