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I'm looking for a pH Sensor or probe for the arduino, I want to do an aquarium related project so this sensor will be great. A couple of days ago I found a pH sensor but I can not remember the name of the page, they made biology-arduino related products, and I remember that the page had an UI similar to the Metro Style of Windows 8. Anyone knows the address of this page?

As for the pH sensor or probe I just need something compatible with the arduino.



Might this work for you?




Hello Anvil,

I think this is the site you are looking for http://atlas-scientific.com/. I like these units, the phidgets pH unit works good too and can select ranges for an ORP probe as well! If you want an OSHW design you can find one at my site, we even have a small tuturial about this which I am in the process of updating for another project its tied too. These pH units have been popular lately, we sold out a bit ago and I expect atlas and pHidgets have been selling lots. I dont think there are many others on the market but they arent too difficult to make, I would bet a fair portion of people around here have everything they need on hand to make a simple probe interface :)

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