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Finally it seems I was able to get a working toolchain on gentoo/AMD64:

Now I was able to compile and run blink and DhcpAdressPrinter  :smiley-mr-green:

I will do some more tests the next few days and report back if this toolchain can be considered stable.

Thanks again to all who tried to help


Insure you report any performance improvements to the Gentoo crew. Does Gentoo have a repository or just a package library?

Debian and Ubuntu suffered from this same kind of stuff. It can be fixed.


Sadly, all infos I used are already reported bugs  :(
What do you mean with performance improvement ?



What I mean by "performance improvement" is going from "not working" to "working". I call that an improvement.  :)

If they are all reported bugs, why does Gentoo have problems with them? Where are you getting the buggy avr toolchain? Is it from the Gentoo repository?

edit: The Ubuntu package manager will insure your install has the recent avr toolchain. That prevents problems like that. There is no "./configure" and "MAKE", just install from the GUI package manager.


Hm good question. the toolchain builder is the one from the repository and it's fetching recent versions of avr* packages. I'm not informed enough to make any guesses why it isn't fixed yet...

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