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I would compare this to mathematics.
I know about 3 mathematics.
1 says that there is only 1 line going through a point parallel to another line (Like there is only 1 god)
1 says that there is an infinite number of lines going through a point parallel to another line (Like there are plenty of gods)
1 says that there is no line going through a point parallel to another line (Like there is no god)
So if there was a member status called "parallel line trough point" I would reach after 499 messages ....

I think you get the point 8). If not, how is it possible you have written 499 messages on a technology forum? :smiley-eek:
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I never cared about it , I just care that my posts are useful and meaningful, Why you making such a big deal its just used there like that only
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????? ???? !


What if I worshiped Tesla as a god?  Then could I get it removed?  Anything can be worshiped or held as divine, so you can't just remove what YOU don't believe in.

If not, could anyone tell me where to specifically find Arduino in a religious book ?

Well, there is the religion of Googlism, so you could consider Google the god, and the results as the book?  And you can find Arduino in Google's search results.


Or other ridiculous extremes - the book of Microsoft, chapter Bing, verse Arduino.

Don't get too carried away by anything here.
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