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I have not yet used Arduino, but I am doing some research for a project that I would like to use Arduino for. I have a 12-Volt electric siren that I currently use by directly connecting it up to a 12-Volt Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery. The full 12-volts go to the siren and the siren moves at its fastest speed. What I would like to do is to be able to control how fast the siren runs using my computer. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas about how I could interface the arduino in-between the battery and the siren in order to control the amount of voltage that gets sent to the siren from the battery. In this way I am hoping to be able to control the speed(pitch) of the siren through the SuperCollider programming environment. I am wondering how much equipment might be needed so that I can get an idea on how much energy the project will take.

Thank You!

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