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Hi friends,

We are developpers and just release a customize remote control on UDP/TCP for free. You can easily customize the content of the data send by each button, the ip and port and the content of the ACK message to confirm that the command was receive by the server.


It is fully customizable and I think it can be usefull for you devices. We are working in a pro version which is able to use cryto protocols. I would like you to try and send comments in order to improve it. We are open to add new funtionalities if you propose any.

If some of you try it on a device, we would like to see a video of it to add it to android market.

Please, feel free to send us your feedback, this will be very appreciated to us.

Best regards,



Cool application. I see some usability in home automation.
What are the hardware and software requirements on arduino site?


Hi again,

We added some new features to S-Remote Control. Try and comment.


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